FamilieVær stolt av "muffin toppen" din!

Vær stolt av «muffin toppen» din!

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Av Babyverden 1018 Sist oppdatert 27.02.14

Henger magen liksom litt ut over buksekanten? Da har du, som veldig mange andre mødre, en såkalt "muffin top". Komiker Erin Keaney har laget en fantastisk rap til ære for mammamagen!

Utrolig stilig sang. Og skulle du ønske å synge med av full hals – her er teksten:

For two pregnancies I grew to be huge,
Then the baby weight I chose to lose,
One day in the morning something made me stop,
Naked in the mirror was my muffin top.

Eww! I could crunch in the morning, noon and night,
Nothing’s gonna make this area tight,
So today is the day that I pronounce.
Here is my muffin top now watch it bounce.

Bounce, carbohydrate bounce,
My muffin top,

Bounce, carbohydrate bounce

I won’t go for surgery, I won’t get cut,
Cuz the best part of muffins ain’t the muffin butt,
Muffins are like cupcakes just without icing,
So ladies don’t by shy, your homemade treat’s enticing.

The next time you wave your hands in the air,
Don’t be shy, let it fly there’s no need to be scared,
Your muffin top just wants to come out,
There’s nothing wrong, sing this song, then start to shout.

Bounce, carbohydrate bounce
My muffin top
Bounce, carbohydrate bounce

Embrace your mother load we got to lead the way,
Teach our kids to be confident in there bodies,
Turn down the voice of peer pressure,
We come in all different sizes, height, weight and colours.

Shimmy what you got and let your belly shake,
You’re a mutha fuckin warrior who likes to eat cake,
So if your mama’s got a little front bounce,
Remember you came from that nine-month skin house.

Bounce carbohydrate, bounce,
My muffin top,
Bounce, carbohydrate bounce,
My muffin top,
Bounce, carbohydrate bounce,
My muffin top.

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